23 January 2014

CasaleFinale is done -- so is TFG

I decided that "CasaleFinale" was a better name because it rhymes that way. Like I said, it's my 3rd and final draw of my first typeface, Casale NBP. I think the metrics are a bit nearer to the cover of Shout. It has full ASCII support as well as some accented Latin (everything you need for Spanish, French, German, and that lot) Greek and Cyrillic.

And with that, total FontGeek Digital Type Foundry is officially on hiatus.

If I ever decide to start it back up again, I would prefer a better platform than Fontspace. The rating system is massively fucked up from all the trolls who spend their day watching new fonts come in and then rating them as low as possible. While it may be all fun and games to them, if you happen to stumble across Fontspace as a designer looking for a decent font, you're probably going to immediately put out of your mind anything that has less than 3 stars. That's representative of 87% of my own work, to say nothing of all the hobbyists who get scared away or convinced their work is rubbish by 4 trolls clicking BAD all at once.

Oh well. Anyway, I would welcome suggestions on where else I could release new material and re-post some of the old stuff.

"Until we meet again, this is General Boy for DEVO, INC. Duty now for the future!"
--General Boy

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