14 April 2013

My favourite NBP fonts

Since I've already pointed out the NBP fonts I wish I could delete, let's try this now. Here are the NBP fonts that I think turned out rather nicely.

This one's obviously at the top of the list because it's a better version of the Shout font. Shout is still my #1 Devo album. Plus, I like how the letterforms are all in perfect proportion with each other.

This design was inspired by Skyhook Mono (free from Fontsquirrel) It's basically Skyhook-on-Fontstruct. I was seeing how much of it I could make. It's an incomplete characterset that's likely to remain incomplete, but I still like it for headings. It's got all the basic punctuation and numbers anyway, so that's good.

FortySeven Micro
Maybe because it's my 47th design (well 48th actually, since it came after FortySeven) but this one's my favourite of all my pixel fonts. It's really too bad people don't use pixel fonts much anymore because it would be perfectly suited for menu text on Nintendo DSi or 3DS.

Skyline Beach
This is like the best parts of Russell Square combined with Ubuntu and a bit of Arial added for good measure. The banner art on Fontspace shows it being used on a SketchUp-built signboard because I honestly think it would work famously for extreme-scale graphic design or signage. There's also art there that shows it on the opposite extreme, at pixel font size. Since I didn't use any half-blocks in Fontstruct to make Skyline, it could be used for small displays just as well as large ones.

Grishenko Novoye
I don't know why I didn't just make Grishenko unicase to begin with. It totally looks better that way. I mean, with the correct application of ALteRNaTInG CaPs, you can make it unicase but Grishenko Novoye does it for you. I'll admit that look is sort of becoming a bit dated now, but I don't really care. I'll stay with a design trend until I tire of it and I'm not tired of unicase just yet.

Same reasoning here. It's like Spire and Grishenko Novoye got married and had a son who turned into a spiteful anarchistic teenage rebel. Anyway, I'm sure that the Bopomofo characters don't look a thing like Bopomofo should, but the thought of being able to spell "mindfuck" (check spelling) in Chinese was quite appealing to me at the time.

AWODEX: Absent without a decent excuse

I haven't been doing much FontGeekage lately. Mostly we can blame Tumblr for this. I discovered recently that Tumblr is a much more exciting place than Fontspace or Fontstruct. Not only are there fellow FontGeeks there but representatives of all my other interests too. Poetry, visual art, stickfigures, Devo, that kind of thing. Beyond that, I've been busy making my Fantom X sound like a Fairlight CMI rhythm sequencer. So I guess I've been busy with other things is what I'm trying to say. Just to show that I haven't totally abandoned typography, here is some of the type-related stuff I've been posting to Tumblr.

02 April 2013

Too bad Fontspace hasn't got a DELETE button

If Fontspace had an option to delete things, I would dispose of these fonts quicker than you could say "waste of bandwidth".

This was my very first design. And it shows. CasaleTwo is the better version of the Shout font, besides you can't even type DEVO properly in Casale 1. A few of the lowercases border on the illegible.

Dilithium Pixels
The idea behind this one was a pixel font based on the Star Trek logotype that would work on the Super NES. Of course, no one makes Super NES games anymore (they haven't for about 15 years at this point) I never had much of a use for this font personally and it was the first one of mine that I uninstalled.

One Time
I was running out of ideas. So I turned off ClearType and typed the alphabet into Wordpad with 12pt Trebuchet italic. What I saw, I put into Fontstruct but I altered a few things to make it not exactly like pixel Trebuchet. I don't remember why I chose that font or why I even bothered saving it when I was through, but I don't have the least idea what anyone could ever do with it.

Sharp Objects
Another font made by a Fontstruct n00b. I was too lazy to make lowercases or numbers, so I made roman numerals, which of course you can't properly render numbers in.

Basil Gothic
As a pixel font, Basil Gothic works fine. 12 point size only. Anything above that just looks wrong somehow. Schutzgitterhaus-Grotesk showed me that the 45 degree angles in Fontstruct aren't the same width as the vertical and horizontal lines. I guess I forgot or disregarded that fact when I made Basil Gothic. It's not a very good heading font anyway. I'm disappointed that I named such a bad font after such a talented performer.

It's not necessary anymore. BrightonTwo is better. Of course, there couldn't be a BrightonTwo without a Brighton 1 I guess.

Same reason as above. It's not needed anymore.

Meyer Gothic
Yes this is the one I just made. It's got the same problems as Basil Gothic really.

Sebastian Gothic
This was the result of Schutzgitterhausifying Guru Meditation (just like how I added slants to Smart Patrol and made Schutzgitterhaus-Grotesk).

Erbos Draco
I made this without doing any research first. Apparently, I managed to make a type design that is almost the exact same character height and width as FF Call One. If type designs weren't inherently uncopyrightable in the US, I'm sure I'd have heard from FontFont about copyright infringement by now. Somehow it's managed to be my most popular design. WHY? Please to be answering that question! What are you people using it for, anyway?! What's Erbos Draco got that BrightonTwo hasn't? Or Grishenko Novoye? Je ne comprends pas.

And finally, the most depraved fonts I've ever made...

Recombo Round & Square
More n00bism. If I ever saw Recombo on a sign someplace, I'd hit the designer with a magazine and say, "Dude seriously. Just use Comic Sans. It looks better."