18 June 2013

SooBawlz NBP is now total de-vo!

Not as in "it's the Total Devo logotype" (which kinda looks like Balloon LET) but as in... well, this!
Devo recently performed a concert at the Natural History Museum in LA. Naturally, they needed an event-specific teeshirt for it. Whenever I make a Devo-inspired font, I always tell their graphic designer, Michael Pilmer (aka DEVO-OBSESSO) about it, mostly because he is a fellow FontGeek (his website led me to IBM Orator, a monospaced font I didn't know about before and that I use alot now) Here's the story. Michael says,
"The museum asked me to use a 'funky' font on the shirt. I couldn't think of anything funkier than the Hardcore DEVO font!"
I still have several more Devo-inspired fonts and more designs where devolutionary sentiments render nicely.

Ever since Depeche Mode's designer used ErbosDraco on their Countdown website, I've been aware that people actually USE my fonts, something I'm still not quite used to.... before Fontstruct I would make things with the knowledge that no one would ever even see it. Even though I feel very honoured to be a contributor to my favourite band in history, I think my ultimate contribution to typography will be when I see one of my pixel fonts on an electronic sign. I can stop making fonts after that because I won't be able to do anymore for typography.
Oh, and here's the other sleeve.
 SooBawlz is available now on FontSpace.

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