19 October 2012

Fonts similar to Klavika

Edited 25 May 2013
I don't know about you but I think Klavika is a stylish display font! It definitely makes #5 on my top 10 list of display fonts. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any fellow FG/CLs who have it. I might have to buy the suite and CL it myself actually. Until then though, there are a few types that can do in place of Klavika.
The first is Neo Sans. It's what I've been using primarily as a Klavika substitute mostly because it has so many weights. Light, Bold, Black, and Ultra. I like Neo Sans Bold especially :) It's like #2 behind Ubuntu Bold. And talking of...
Ubuntu is also very similar. Plus the best thing about it.... it's free! Compared to Neo Sans which costs 54 quid/individual TTF on MyFonts. The best things in life are free right? :P
Aller is another free one from Dalton Maag (maker of Ubuntu). It and Klavika both have a double-storey lower "g" but some of Aller's vertical strokes don't connect (i.e. R K and X -- Klavika's K doesn't connect either).
Ruda has quite a few similarities to Klavika and might even be indistinguishable in a few applications. It's the nearest free substitute that I've found so far.
If you're not doing a serious logotyping design or you want to make fun of Facebook or something then Banksia is a decent Klavika-like typeface. I think it's sort of like a Cachet/Skia hybrid.
Cuprum is a bit narrower and more humanist than Klavika, but it does contain a few of the same design elements. It kinda makes you wish there were a Klavika Narrow, doesn't it? And talking of...
Economica is like the Klavika Narrow that never was. Actually, even if there were one, this free typeface by Vicente Lamónaca would probably work a little better. It's a little narrow for main text, but it works famously for section headings.


Audee said...

I think Titillium is similar to Klavika too

Wojosek said...

I think so too - Titillium