13 February 2015

Frequently-asked questions

Can I use NBP Collection fonts in my commercial project?

Yes. All fonts in the NBP Collection are free for commercial use. Some of the older ones (notably "Dilithium Pixels") have BY-NC or BY-NC-SA licenses, but I'm not particularly concerned with their being used commercially at this point.
To be clear, commercial projects include, but are not limited to:
  • Games
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Corporate identity
  • Film/Television
  • Books
  • Teeshirts
  • Posters
  • Cover art (books, records, videogames, etc.)
  • Non-profit ventures (yearbooks, playbills, programs, pamphlets, etc.)

Can I include NBP Collection fonts in a "50 Great Fonts"-like CD-ROM or digital compilation?


Can I hire you to edit an existing typeface or design a new one?

No, sorry. I'm rather busy at the moment and could scarcely find the time to make this post.

Can I edit one of your fonts?

Yes, as long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) Attribution ShareAlike license.

Can I donate to your cause?

Yes! Total FontGeek now has a PayPal account, to which you can donate from Here (just FYI, Jeffrey Perry and Nate Halley are the same person :) )

06 July 2014

Website overhaul halted

If you've been to the website recently, you've probably noticed a lack of information there. I was planning to overhaul the website and turn total FontGeek DTF into a professional design-for-hire firm, but those plans have been changed.

This fall, I'll be going to school to become an English teacher and, as such, I won't have any opportunity to design new typefaces or alter existing designs at all for the foreseeable future.

With that, total FontGeek Digital Type Foundry, Ltd. is now closed. Any additional questions regarding licensing can be directed to perjys547@gmail.com

Duty now for the future,
Nathaniel L. Halley